Luciano Granie...(English/Español).

I studied tourism at INADEH, an institution that prepares panamanians in many fields of work. This institution has twenty branches around the country and they prepare students to earn a living independently or as part of a business. After I finished my studies, I started working as guide and driver for many tourists visiting Panama, I can be found at the Marbella hotel together with other drivers interested in giving the best possible service to the people visiting our country. I can be reached at the number: (507) 6905 1324 or by e-mail: granieluciano123@gmail.c

Me llamo Luciano Granie, estudie turismo en el INADEH, institución educativa publica que prepara a los panameños para una vida mejor. Luego de concluir mis estudios, me dedique a llevar turistas a pasear y a mostrarle los lugares interesantes de este país. Desde las costas del Caribe hasta las del Pacifico. Panamá tiene mucho que ofrecerle a los que nos visitan. Puede contactarme al numero de celular: 6905 1324 o al correo:

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